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What is the best way to learn French online ?


E-Learn French At the Movies with Françoise (Au Cinéma avec Françoise)

One of the best ways to learn the French language is to enjoy a French movie and immerse oneself in the real world of native French speakers.

The acclaimed French cinema has always been a celebrated exponent of the country’s culture and we have found it to be a fantastic way not only to understand the mentality and way of life of the French people, but a fundamental tool that can teach us the colloquial use — stately or popular — of the language.

For lovers and students of the French language, a French movie can be a captivating and sure-fire way to refine your comprehension, improve your pronunciation and easily grasp those expressions of the heart — the instinctive phrases — with which the language is imbibed. A film can show one the manner and fashion that the French actually convey their customs, thoughts and mores, expressions that go beyond laboratory grammar. We invite you to enjoy the seventh art and discover one of the most effective ways to learn how the French actually speak and communicate to each other.

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